Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Healthy sugar free food attempt #71

Okay so I'm a bit of a sugar fiend. I can't seem to survive the day without putting a pound of sugary shite into my gob. My partner is exactly the same. He mildly suggested over Christmas that he would like to quit sugar and so I jumped on it and loaned umpteen books out the library with hundreds of sugar free recipes. I purchased some sugar alternatives, as well as brown pasta, coconut flour and the like, spent a million dollars on my purchases and remained eating exactly the same!

In my defence, I tried. I made cakes with coconut flour instead of white and used sugar replacements like Stevia, I bought 90% dark chocolate and aimed to feed the children only fruit when they needed a sugar hit. We had a go at brown pasta. We got very hungry.

We can't do it. We told my son he turned into a little monster when he'd had a biscuit and he probably wouldn't be allowed anymore biscuits ever again, for the whole of eternity. His response was that he would be a monster all the time if he didn't get to eat biscuits and surely being a monster some of the time is better than all of the time. We succumbed. Sugar is obviously good for brain development.

Sugar is also really good for getting kids to do what you want them to do. Kids flying around, jumping on the walls and having a competition to see who can mix up the house in the shortest time? In response: 'I'll give you sliced apple if you just go and play with your educational puzzle in a controlled manner at the table or.... you can have a biscuit if you sit quietly and watch Wild Kratts while I make tea". I chose the most effective option.

Don't get me wrong, we have one treat a day, we run around outside all day and we only watch TV when I'm cooking tea. On the Mum shittness scale I'm not at the bottom (shouting and losing my temper scale- a whole other kettle of fish, but you can judge about that another day). So my point is this, when I was little I was constantly told everything in moderation. Well, old fashioned it may be but we're going for the moderated, middle of the road, life. We are getting to have our cake and eat it - just over a period of time, in a non gluttoness manner. Who is with me? #moderationisrockandroll

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Baby Shower

Baby is a couple of months away and your friends, colleagues and family want to throw you a baby shower. You don't want to be ungrateful but you really don't want to end up with seven changing mats and thirteen baby towels in various animal shapes. How can you politely make a list of the things you really want without seeming too pushy? Basically you need a registry gift list, a bit like you might have used for your wedding.

There are many department stores who offer this service but you are restricted to getting products from that one store so here is an idea. Use www.wispit.co.nz to make a baby shower list that you or the person in charge of your baby shower can use (in case they want it to be a surprise). You can add any products from any store. All you have to do is add the bookmarklet, then go internet shopping, as soon as you have found something you want to add to the baby shower list, just click on the add to wishlist button, which you will find on the top of your addresses bar.

Here is a screen shot example of the site:

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Working mothers starting their own business. It can happen!

Well it's been a roller coaster of a year. My boy has started school - I know, really, and my other little baby, is no longer a baby, but a screaming, demanding but (luckily) adorably cute toddler. On top of that I have got wisp up and running and check me out, I've managed to get myself in the paper! http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/73817700/Wanaka-entrepreneur-launches-Xmas-Wisp-list Have a read and let me know which of you mothers out there run your own businesses too.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Wispit is LIVE

If you read my last post you can see a new site of mine wispit.co.nz . It is now LIVE and ready to use. Please let me know what you think!!


Monday, 11 May 2015


Hi folks, this post is a little out of the norm in that I am asking for your help. Being a more or less full time Mum at home I have been thinking of ways to make a business so I can stay at home with my babies for as long as possible. Well here it is. Obviously I think it is the most awesome idea ever, especially considering my mug that I got for Mother's day. Shitty presents are to be a 'no more' status. So if you like the idea, I already have my website designer at the ready, pledge, then wish, or should I say wisp.....


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Babyknowledge: The lonely Mother!

Babyknowledge: The lonely Mother!: Yep, will all feel it, yep ,we all don't speak about it, yep, we all feel guilty about it! So you're at home all day, every day, y...

The lonely Mother!

Yep, will all feel it, yep ,we all don't speak about it, yep, we all feel guilty about it!

So you're at home all day, every day, you have the cutest little cherub you could have ever have imagined, you love that you don't have to go to 'work' all day and that you can enjoy a more relaxed pace of life.

Well then the shock comes, you realise that somedays you don't actually speak to any adult bar your partner, that despite the fact that you are doing the most important job in the world you feel invaluable. THIS IS NORMAL.

Before your baby arrived you probably had a successful career, your time was your own and you and your partner were on some equal footing, however when baby arrives and you are home on Mummy duty, with a saggy body and weird brain dysfunction from over tiredness and lack of stimulation, things feel like the balance shifts a bit in your partner's favour. All of a sudden your partner thinks that its your job to make tea and wash his clothes. And believe you me, this can make you feel rage and frustration like no other. If like me, you wear the trousers in the relationship (I mean come on, which woman doesn't) this can be a bit unsettling; to suddenly feel isolated and really dependent on your partner. THIS IS NORMAL, and more importantly it won't last.

When your little one comes along first comes the shock and then comes the loneliness. Why do you think I write a blog?!! Truth be told, babies don't really do that much. My advice is to take this opportunity to do all the visiting and coffee drinking you can muster. Believe me, this will set you on solid ground for preventing future boredom! When you baby doesn't move, its the perfect time to go for coffee, here's the tricky part though, every single person you know HAS A JOB! It is essential you join some mummy groups. Yes they might seem really straight, boring people who you would never normally hag out with, but stick at it. They are in the same boat as you and the longer you know them, the more honest they'll be about how they feel. And you'll need that support when you are having a down day!

Arrange weekends away. It may seem like the last thing you can be bothered to do, but having some things in your diary will give you things to look forward to.

Arrange a night out with your 'real' friends at least once a month. Go somewhere really nice so you can get dressed up, and don't talk about the baby!!

First thing in the morning arrange to go for a walk with someone - one of you fake mummy friends, invite a different one along for each day of the week, then you can see who you actually want to be friends with. Harsh? yes totally, but this is about survival. This will set you up for the day, even if you do sod all for the rest of the day at least you'll have been out of the house!

Each week, have a coffee, mummy group meeting - EVERY week. It may seem boring but you need to fill your day and so do these other mummys!!!

Find a hobby you can do that involves your bubba - photography - taking some cool snaps of your sweetheart, a blog! lol! anything that gets your creative juices flowing. This really is the time to explore what you enjoy doing and who knows where it will take you!!

Before you know it those first few months will be over and with these tips you will have weathered the storm. Good luck my lonely, blog reading, mummy mates.