Friday, 24 May 2013

Ready for labour - yes but is your partner? Dad's maternity hospital bag checklist.

As women we have a very conscious 9 months (give or take) to prepare ourselves for the birth of our little babies. Coming into the third trimester we begin to think about our maternity bags and if you're like me, start slowly packing from around 30ish weeks. With Zack I left my bag open in the nursery and would just add to it when I'd been to the supermarket or a baby shop. This gave me the opportunity to regularly see what I'd bought and what was left to get. It also meant I didn't get too overwhelmed (which was easy at the time) by having to pack everything all at once.

When early evening Friday 29th July 2010 came :) and it was time to put my maternity bag into the car, fortunately it was all ready to go and didn't cause an unneeded extra stress.

I wish the same could have been said for my partner and his 'maternity bag'. Naively I had presumed he would have managed to organise his 32 year old self; managed some forethought; realised that using the time when I am crippled in pain and have the patience of a raging bull seeing red, to think (yes this took a lot of time too) and pack some things for the hospital was an inopportune time and probably should have been done days before (especially as I was 5 days overdue). Not that I'm bitter of course!

So for all you Mum's-to-be and Dad's-to-be start to mother before your baby arrives by getting Daddy's maternity bag ready too.

This is what he should have:

Some spare underwear,
Toothbrush (just buy a new one then it's in the bag before labour day),
Toothpaste (again just buy a new travel sized one then you/he can pack it before labour day arrives),
Camera - fully charged,
Telephone list (this might be in your/his phone but make sure any numbers you don't have are on an old fashioned paper list so he can inform all and sundry on your new arrival),
Music - whether this is going to be on an iphone, or CD's tell your other half it is his job to organise,
Massage oils - you may have these in your bag, but it will be his job to use them!
Magazines, just put ones in for you, men don't admit this but they enjoy reading our mags just as much as we do. It is also a nice distraction to get your partner to read the articles aloud when you are in labour,
Snacks - just buy packaged stuff you can pack beforehand without the worry of them going off. E.g. crackers and cheese, museli bars, dried apricots (fruit), crisps, chocolate. These will be handy for your partner to keep his energy levels up - you probably won't feel like eating anything,
Jumper, if its a long labour, going through the night he might get a bit cold,
Pillow, again if its a long labour a pillow will be nice for Dad.

Now go and tell your partner this is his list, he has a week to get it organised and you're going to be checking it!!!

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